Mr. Salih,

Your article in Sunday's Washington Post "OUTLOOK" section did indeed impress me with your understanding of American culture.  I note you have been here thirty years and have an American wife.  Tell me, Sir, have you considered becoming an American citizen?  Speak, Sir!  Define yourself and your peace-loving Muslim congregants.

J. Todd


Thank you for "Nothing Happened.  Or Did it?"  Some very relevant,
important points.  I was born in this country (NJ) in 1935.  My parents
were born in this country and all of my grandparents except one.  I did
not vote for George Bush or John Kerry.  So many government priorities
don't seem to be involved with my world.  There has been so much 
neglect of local and neighborhood problems in America. 
My best wishes.
H. Henry
Dear Mr. Salih,  
I read your article and was saddened to think what has 
become of us.  I have had contact with families/people from many 
different countries and cultures.  The majority of these have been pleasant and respectful. 
 Please know that many of us main stream americans try very hard not to sterotype people.  the thought may cross our mind, but after quickly considering it rationally, reject the sterotype.  I try to keep in mind that except for the native americans we all started elsewhere.
Susan P.

Mr. Salih --

I just wanted to tell you much I enjoyed your article, if "enjoyed" is appropriate word. I actually believe that part of the genius of the architects of 9-11 was that the attack itself was just the beginning; the potential for real, lasting damage was always in our reaction, in what we might do to ourselves.  I suspect that was a key part of the plan all along.

It's not a great movie in the end, but the 1990s flick "The Siege" actually presented a fictionalized (and over the top, of course) version of what has actually happened.  At the time, the ADC and other groups protested it -- and I can understand why -- but looking back, it views more like a cautionary tale than an ethnic slur!

Regards and best wishes,


Sharon B.


Dear friend

i appreciate the fact that everytime you hear a terror warning as a muslim you must cringe. As a jew i cringe everytime i hear about a jewish person who does something under handed. Both fit the stereo type.

All we can do is live our lives to be good people. However I can safely say that jews more than most ethincity fight against their stereotype. Jews are clearly some of the biggest donors in the world. They have been in the forefront of helping the underdog.

I am sure there are muslims around the world who are fighting against terrorism but not in enough numbers to show the non muslim world you care. That is why when someone hears a terror alert they think of a muslim. I hope one day when they hear terrorism they think of muslim as the people who are fighting it not cooperating.


good luck,


a jewish friend.


I don't understand the point of your criticisms.  Don't you understand 
that America changed forever on Sept. 11, 2001.  There is no more safety or security. If you don't like situations like those you experienced, why not move back to Sudan and help stop the genocide in Darfur?
America would be a safer place without you.
Patrick S
Mohammad- First, I want you to know you are missed at the Nunners. Hope
you will visit us when your time permits.  
Secondly, in behalf of the Nunners, UUs and most American people, you 
did a very creditable job in your Post article in expressing the sorry 
state of affairs that this country has developed in relation to fear,
discrimination and so many other negative conditions that did not 
exista few years ago.  Not that we have had a pure history in such matters,  
Best wishes to you and your family, and come and see us again.
John S.<>
Dear Mohammad Ali Salih,
     As a white American woman (but I would not define
myself as Christian, coming from a long line of
Unitarians),  married to a man from the Horn of Africa
Ethiopia with a Muslim background, I strongly
identified with the experience you describe.  
since 9/11, I have worried many times that my husband
and children would find themselves in uncomfortable or
dangerous situations, subject to assumptions being
made about them solely because of their looks and
     I am gravely concerned about our country's
future.  My sister's father-in-law escaped Nazi
Germany on the last boat out of Hamburg, with his
family, when he was a teenager.  He hasn't spoken much
about this part of his past until recently, it being
too painful to recall, I guess.  Over the winter
break, we spent several days with my sister and had
several get-togethers with her father-in-law,
sister-in-law, etc.  One of the topics we kept coming
back to was of the similarities between the U.S. today
and Germany in the early 1930's.  The main
is that this time, it's people of Middle Eastern
ancestry and Muslims who are being targeted instead of
     Sorry to sign off so pessimistically, but what
can one do?

Dear Sir:

I, too also tremble o  12/7 because I served at the pacific theatre during WW2. I try not to buy anything made in Japan I am Jewish & you are Muslim Arab "SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lennie Fierst



I want to thank you for the piece you wrote today that underscores a very real problem that has resulted from the events of 9-11.  I believe your piece showed the everyday facts and results of a country that has forgotten its past as a beacon to emigres from across the world, 

I hope that your op-ed is read by every American so they can see the tyranny in forgetting the civil and moral roots of this great nation.


Thank you and my deepest regards,


Robert B.


Mr.  Salih,


Once again,  a muslim complains about personal trials and difficulties in this age of terrorism because of fear of discrimination due to his muslim origin.  But once,   at least once,    cannot one of you bring yourself to decry  and repudiate the vicious hateful inhuman atrocities that an extremist element of your religion is perpetrating on the world today?   You and others of your religion almost seem fearful that if you do,  some form of retribution will be exacted upon yourselves from your mosques;  I don't know for sure,  but you almost seem cowardly  in this regard to me. While your sensitiviy to possible discrimination  in the time frame in which we live is understandable,   it seems to me that more should be proclaimed from your corner criticizing your extremist brethren. 

h. pryor




the American people will not long tolerate the violence that the typical rag head is willing to commit in the name of some sh*t hole religion.  One is pretty much the same as another, peace and good will, but islam, killing is sanctified and rewarded in heaven.,  you assholes have a huge problem, I would recommend trying not to let it get out of hand, no one in the world is more VIOLENT than Americans, be warned it will get ugly beyond your wildest imagination.  

 Jack T.


announcements about "suspicious" persons or things on the Metro? What's funny about that? Have you not read what the Muslim terrorists did in Madrid?
But of course we are afraid of Muslims. We remember the images of the blood mad Islamicists dancing in the streets of Indonesia and Palestine following 9/11. We remember the stories in the Post in the days and weeks following 9/11: stories that reported that many Muslim immigrants here were ambivalent about the attack itself and about America.
Don't worry. You are safe here. You may get--I certainly HOPE you and ALL Muslims get--a second look at airports. But no one here will cut your head off for being "different." You have written a very silly article.

John T.




As a DC native (came here during Coolidge Admin) from Irish stock

on both sides of gene pool,  you've painted a picture that more of

us should be aware of .    However, I must agree with your pal

who sez this will go on "forever" tho maybe my young grandchildren

(we have 11) will not suffer as much. 


Keep up good work apprising us.